Official Playing Rules

Subject to change, revision, addition, amendment at the discretion of the Dream National
Championship and its governing body.

All Dream National Championship Tournament games will adhere to the rules outlined by the National
Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS). Directors, Team Directors and Team Coaches should
familiarize themselves with these rules and the NFHS Rule Book.

A) Start of Team Practices
❖ There will be two practices for each team on the day of check-in

B) Game Playing Time
❖ Coaches manage all playing time for athletes. All players should play the equivalent of 2 quarters.

C) On-Field
❖ A play clock will be utilized for all games except for “Mercy Rule” (+24 points), injuries or timeouts
❖ All games are played until a winner is declared
❖ Quarters: 10 minutes
❖ Halftime: 8 minutes
❖ All players must have their mouthpiece in at all times while on-field
❖ Positional jersey number rules do not apply
❖ Up to four captains per team are allowed at coin toss ceremony
❖ Teams have a choice of either kicking the extra point or attempting a two-point conversion
❖ Extra points via kick are worth one point
❖ Two-point conversions from the three yard-line by either running or passing are allowed
❖ Onside kicks are allowed throughout the game 

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